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Why Blog?

Kyle Petersen Written by 
Friday, 12 July 2013 23:19

Zach’s first post introduced the blog, which may have left you asking the question, “why?” “Why have we decided to begin using this form of media in addition to our other forms of communication?” Here are some reasons why we believe a church blog will be beneficial to our body as we move forward.

 1. We want to communicate with you more.The reality is that there is so much that goes on Sunday morning that we are fairly limited in our ability to communicate with the church as a whole regarding various things. We, as pastors desire to grow in communicating with the church. We want you to know what we’re thinking and why. We want you to be a part of the mission God has SCC on, and the first part of that is going to be communication.

2. Closely related to this is the importance of more communication. We believe that part of leading SCC forward to what God has for us in a way that honors Him is going to require more deliberate communication in ways that are accessible and logical in today’s world. Along with this is the importance of participating and allowing that communication to be received and assimilated by you. We humbly ask you to set a high priority on communication we provide on this blog, and join us in our vision for SCC’s vitality and fruitfulness in ministry in the coming years.

 3. We want to share things with you that will bless, encourage, and challenge you to keep your heart and mind fixed on Jesus throughout the week.We all know that following Jesus isn’t something we do only on Sundays, and occasional blog posts will help keep our focus where it should be; on the Lord and His Word, abiding in Him and bearing much fruit.

 4. Blogging can be used for the glory of God and the good of His church.We feel that like most technologies, blogging is a form of communication that can be used in a way that brings glory to God while ministering to both the author and the reader. Some of the benefits that can come from blogging are:

·         Blogs are easily accessible for most people in today’s world.

·         Blogs are less formal than all-church letters or emails, allowing us to communicate in a more natural and personal way.

·         Blogs allow for interaction via comments on posts.

·         Blogs can help us think through things by reading something short and succinct. Instead of having to read a book to think through an issue, we hope we can help you by being a sort of bridge that synthesizes truth and presents it in a concise way for your spiritual benefit.

In light of these things, we hope you will stop by, read, and join in with comments!


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