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SCC Core Commitments: Expository Preaching & Teaching

Zach Putthoff Written by 
Monday, 05 May 2014 23:58

This is the first post in a series devoted to explaining some of the foundational commitments of our church.

At SCC, we are committed to what is called “expository preaching.”  This is a kind of preaching that seeks to simply explain the meaning and relevance of the Bible.  G. Campbell Morgan once said that the sermon ought to be simply “the text repeated more fully.”

In expository preaching, the preacher begins with a passage of Scripture, prayerfully studies that passage of Scripture in its historical, grammatical and theological contexts in order to discern what it means, and only after that seeks to communicate the meaning of that passage (first) and the implications of that passage (second) accurately and effectively to the congregation.  What this means is that the focus of the sermon is dictated by the focus of the particular passage(s) the preacher is preaching from.  He is not to use the text to communicate his own ideas.  Rather, he is to communicate the meaning and relevance of the text itself, as it is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. 

In other words, the preacher’s job is not to create nor cook the meal, but simply to serve it up faithfully to the people. 

We believe that this is not merely the job of the preacher, however.  It is the job of anyone who preaches or teaches God’s Word in any context. 

That’s why, as you participate in our worship service or in one of our smaller groups or studies, you will probably quickly notice that when it comes to our teaching, we stick to the Bible.  We do this because we believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and because we believe that what we all desperately need is to hear from God.   So, rather than seeking to help people with our own opinions, and stories, and creative ideas; we seek instead to accurately understand, carefully explain, and skillfully apply the truth of the Bible.

As a result of these things, you will hopefully notice at least a couple of things about the teaching that takes place throughout our church. 

First, because our goal is to preach and teach the meaning of the Bible, our teaching will also be Christ-centered.  That is because Jesus Christ is the central character of the Bible (Luke 24:25-27) and the full revelation of God as God in the flesh.  So, we try to faithfully focus our teaching (as a pattern) upon the truth of God as revealed in and through Jesus, because the only way to truly know God is through him.  What that means is that you will hear a lot about Jesus at our church.  Any teaching that does not point people to Jesus is not truly expository teaching. 

And secondly, we also try to faithfully and skillfully apply the truth of the Bible to our daily lives.  We don’t believe our job is to offer mere commentary upon passages of the Bible, but to connect the dots from the ancient text to our daily lives here in the 21st century.  So, in our teaching we will also seek to emphasize what the appropriate responses are to the truth of who Jesus is and all that he has done for us by his grace.

In doing these things our desire is simply to let God speak for Himself. We believe that He has made Himself known in the Bible, that the Bible is God’s very Word – and that when His Word is accurately preached and taught, it is God Himself who is speaking. And God is the One we all need to hear from.

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